Friday, July 20, 2012

Enjoyed our visit with COS!

COS not only delivers quality products at a great price . . . we deliver great service too!

Take a look at what one of our valuable customers has to say!

"Hello Peter, I was making fun of myself because I have the most important phone numbers on my phone. The police emergency phone numbers, the Facilities Administrator’s #, HR, payroll and COS!!! Funny….. Maybe COS can make a contest on funny, silly ways customers display COS phone numbers for easy access.

Had a good visit with COS @ STMU today."

Sylvia A. @ St. Mary's University

We here at COS appreciate each and every customer and we hope that you experience the highest level of satisfaction every time you contact us.

Can we add your company's name to the blank?  Do you have a post-it note on your computer with our number?